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AegisM is a game developed by an independent game studio consisting of only myself, trading as Aurox Studios.

AegisM is a competitive tower defence game with a twist. It combines tower defence with a wave survival/top down action shooter and then adds more new and exciting elements to the mix. Work alone or team up with others to work out the best strategy to achieve the highest scores on the never ending survival leaderboards. Once you're ready to prove yourself even more, you can take to the Player vs Player mode with competitive matchmaking and ELO ratings. AegisM is unlike other tower defence games; there are no waves of enemies, it's never ending, gradually getting harder and harder until you can't survive anymore and your strategy fails you.


I started developing AegisM in 2013 as a fun project alongside my full time job. As the project grew larger, I started to commit more time to the project until recently it has led me to be a full time developer of the game. AegisM game is my passion and I've had support from Corsair, attended a few exhibitions in the United Kingdom where it has received fantastic feedback from both players and publishers and we've even held a LAN PvP tournament in Belgium!

I have around 150 people who help beta test and bug hunt with me who have provided invaluable feedback to get the game to the stage where it is now, so I'd like to thank them all for believing in the project early on. If the game performs extremely well, I would love to grow the business and develop more exciting and fun titles! This is the start of my journey and I hope you all join me for the ride.



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"AegisM is a pretty easy game to start, but as the waves ramp up and enemies get stronger, it becomes simply addictive in its rapid, scaling gameplay!"

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